Friday, March 30, 2012

Survivor: Cochran takes the stand

(Some listeners reported having audio problems with the original version of the Cochran podcast; we've addressed those as best we can, and the fixed version can be found via the links below. This is why the podcast is showing up twice in iTunes, if it is; this one should have better sound. Thanks for your patience!)

John Cochran joins us in a feature-length podcast to discuss all things Survivor, from watching the show as a fan in the early 2000s and experiencing its evolution to becoming part of its history himself. In his typical articulate manner he takes us through his 31-day rollercoaster ride in the South Pacific, giving us the lowdown on everything that happened from his perspective. You can listen here and on iTunes here.

Look out for the weekly Survivor recap over the weekend as well as a podcast with Survivor: Guatemala's Brian Corridan early next week. In the meantime, keep updated by subscribing to us on iTunes using the link above and following us on Twitter!

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