Monday, December 26, 2011

Survivor 23: Season review & gameplay discussion ft. Gordon Holmes

Merry Christmas everyone! To kick off the holiday season we look back at Survivor: South Pacific with writer Gordon Holmes, who was on location for the pre-game interviews and got to watch the first few days play out. Afterwards, we look back at the season - in particular, Sophie's win - from a historical perspective, answering questions such as: Where does Sophie rank among winners? Can this ranking be done? How? What makes a good player? All this, and more, in an extended-length podcast available HERE and HERE (the Gordon interview is first; the gameplay segment starts at roughly 1hr 10).

We will definitely be podcasting about the next season of Survivor, starting in February, and we hope to put out some content during the off-season as well. We'll post a schedule for the next few weeks when we've decided what we're doing; to stay updated, follow us on Twitter. Until then, enjoy the holidays!

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