Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Survivor 24: season review with Gary Wise

Another year of Survivor ended on Sunday night when, to the surprise of nobody, Kim Spradlin was crowned the winner of Survivor: One World. ESPN's Gary Wise joins us to break down the season, revisiting the judgements he made when he was on the podcast after the premiere and giving his thoughts on everything that happened since then. He tells us how he rates both Kim and this season against their respective predecessors and gives his first impressions of the S25 format based on the reunion announcements (WARNING: don't listen to the end if you don't want to know who the returnees are!).

This isn't the end of our Survivor content this season; later this week Kos returns to the show as we put Kim's win in a historical perspective, going over her game in detail and using it as a platform for in-depth discussion of both general gameplay and specific players we admire. Until then, this podcast with Gary can be found here or on iTunes here, and you can stay updated by subscribing on iTunes using that link or following us on Twitter using the icons on the blog page.

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