Saturday, February 16, 2013

Survivor 26: Fran vs. Favorites -- Episode 1 Recap/Analysis ft. Ian Terry

After a short vacation in the Caramoan Islands, Francesca's Survivor record is as bad as our prediction record. How did someone as smart, assertive, and savvy as Francesca become the first player ever to be a first boot twice? Whose mistakes made this happen, and who stands to gain most from them? And, despite an early lead, are the Fans destined to be defeated and forgotten this season? We discuss all this, and more, with Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry, who also gives his insight on the dynamics involving returning players. As always the podcast can be found here on the blog page, externally here, or on iTunes here.


  1. Love the podcast guys, but please no more Ian.

  2. Great podcast guys, Ian was fine so I guess my post BB14 hate is wearing off. Boston Rob got fire without flint or glass in HvV.

  3. I misspoke about the fire bit-- I meant Shamar was the third to start a fire using only sticks (no flint/glasses), the other two being Boston Rob and Malcolm.


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