Saturday, April 13, 2013

Survivor 26: Max Dawson talks about Episode 9

After discussing reality TV as a genre with us a few weeks ago (here ICYMI), former #rtvf330 professor and current media consultant Max Dawson returns to get into the specifics of an episode that's certainly the best of the season and generally one of the best in recent memory. You can listen on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

You can find Max on Twitter here.


  1. I'd donate to a kickstarter :P

    1. Heck yeah! Keep the Dom and Colin Pirate Ship afloat!

  2. Why did you have a Brenda hater on the show? lol

    The editors suck, not her. To think less of her because of their love affair with Phillip, Shamar, Brandon, Cochran, and Reynold (all males) is wholly unfair.

    Compare Brenda to the other woman of the season.

    Corinne: Ruins the outcome of the season by giving away their plan to Dawn.
    Dawn: The weeper. She cries too much. She can't handle the game.
    Sherri: She is weird. She tanked her tribe trying to hold onto Shamar.
    Hope/Allie/Julia: Just terrible.
    Laura: Too weak in challenges.
    Francesca: Voted out first... twice. Nuff said.

    The only other worthy female this season was Andrea, who is athletic and strategic and sociable: ALL things Brenda is in spades. Brenda, however, isn't paranoid like Andrea and wouldn't start to cry if she heard her name was out there.

  3. Brenda=overrated boring garbage

  4. Can't wait for this week's podcast. Listening to RHAP, there is plenty to talk about/debate.

    1. Sigh, this week's episode comes before the podcast.


      I'd love to hear a Malcolm retrospective podcast whenever possible,


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