Monday, October 7, 2013

Survivor 27: Grow Up, Peter Pan -- Episode 3 Recap/Analysis ft. Gary Wise

In a season which has planted its flag on forcing emotion to critically impact game decisions, we're joined by a true family man to shed some much needed light on the merits of thinking with unselfish priorities, Pinnacle Sports' Gary Wise.

What can be said about Colton's fittingly gutless exit that Probst hasn't already said himself? What can the viewers, CBS, and Colton himself learn from this mess? Plus, how does Rupert's performance this season affect his Survivor legacy? Who do we have to tip to get some Tina, Tyson, or Hayden on our televisions? And will Vytas become Aras's long term foil or might we see the ultimate redemption? Find out when you listen to the episode on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here.

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  1. Gary works great as a catalyst for debate on the podcast, but sometimes he can come across as being overly petty or arguing a point simply for the sake of disagreeing with you two (which you jokingly called him out on at the end of the podcast, so he obviously knows what he's doing).
    He also has some heavy heavy recency bias in calling these last episodes, quote, "the greatest first 3 episodes [he's] ever seen". I realise anytime there's an adjective involved, there's always going to be heavy subjectivity, but it's hard to argue that these episodes are better than the opening 3 of China, Heroes vs Villains, Philippines... (I'm sure anyone else would say Pearl Islands, but I think it's one of the most overrated seasons ever and try to avoid the circlejerk) (though that has nothing to do with Sandra, love her as a character, sorry!)
    Looking forward to BB with Stephen and hopefully a final wrap-up of Whodunnit with Jay, because that man is amazing, and so was the show.

    Best of luck with that mic quality, Dom!


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