Sunday, January 26, 2014

Survivor 27: Season in Review

After 39 hard-fought days and nights, Tyson Apostol finally received the proverbial man-tiara he'd so long been dreaming of, and now that adequate time has passed to forget about how dreadfully clear the outcome was (as well as to forget the entire boot order), we're back to break down the finale, evaluate Tyson's gameplay, give our parting thoughts on the cast, and much more. Hear three hours worth of last words on Blood vs. Water by listening on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here.

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  1. I can agree that Tyson lost control of the vote at final 6, but I still cannot see how you guys can discredit him for that, but not discredit Hayden for losing Ciera at final 7 to the same degree.

    If anything Hayden's was worse because he did a bad job of convincing Ciera to do something that was clearly in her best interest. Tyson convinced her not to by creating a final 3 deal with her and Monica and by telling her that Hayden and Caleb voted out her Mom. If you would have asked everyone to vote as they walked into tribal council at 6 then Hayden would have gone home. Then with Gervase/Monica effing up, the jury being visibly in agreement with Hayden, and Hayden arguments Ciera finally decides to flip. So, essentially Tyson had her trust for way longer than Hayden did and Haydens whole game only works if he's able to get that flip at 7 and he couldn't do it, it was basically his one job if he wanted to win the game. So, finally when Ciera makes the move that is OBVIOUSLY smarter for her you guys harp on Tyson, but when Hayden couldn't make her do that in the spot where he absolutely needed her too then it's all Ciera's fault and you guys hardly blame Hayden. Also, with Laura M. boot I don't see why you guys hate it so much. If Tyson doesn't have Ciera then he doesn't have Laura M and if they want to get rid of him they could do that just as easily as they could with the four of Katie, Hayden, Caleb, and Ciera. Also, it's not always about who's the optimal person to get out as it is "Who can I convince the others is a threat to win that way they don't start looking at me" and both Caleb/Hayden expressed distrust with Laura M. and I honestly believe that had Tyson targeted Katie that round then Caleb and Hayden would have voted Tyson out as originally planned because for them there's no incentive of getting rid of Katie.


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