Friday, March 14, 2014

Survivor 28: Always Be Throwing? -- Episodes 2+3 Recap/Analysis

After an impromptu hiatus (my bad), we're back this week to break down the last two episodes of Survivor: Cagayan.  Did the Beauty tribe make the right call booting Brice over Morgan, and should they have thrown the next challenge to boot whichever of the two remained? When, if ever, will Tony's spool web of lies catch up to him? And did Kass and Tasha make the right call in letting Spencer make it to a swap? (Spoiler alert: LOLOL no). Plus, for the first time ever, we recorded the show just after Wednesday's episode finished airing, so tune in for all of the heat-of-the-moment hyperbole you could ever dream of on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here.



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  2. The thing about the Brains tribe choosing Spencer that I think is wrong is that they don't need to worry about Spencer flipping they need to get other people to flip to them and that is more likely with Spencer.


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