Sunday, September 14, 2014

Survivor 29: The Whitest Kids U' Know -- Season Preview

Welcome to Survivor: San Juan del Sur Blood vs. Water  Good Pair, Bad Pair, and 14 White People 29. In today's episode we use the scientifically proven 'draw names from a hat' method to preview this season's contestants, before discussing the impact of Exile Island 12.0. How terrible are the Twinnies? (Pure evil). Which of Josh or Reed was Spiderman? (We still don't know). And who completely torched our draft this season? (IT WAS FINALLY DOM!). All this and more available below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. Why Andy Herren deserves a top 10 place - cont.

    (3) Andy floats over to The Exterminators and GM takes out Amanda.

    BB15 finally sparks into action again and Andy wasn't responsible for either of these two events being made possible. He certainly didn't manipulate GM into making the move against Amanda and he didn't create The Exterminators. Once again all Andy was doing was hiding in the background. And the only reason he voted out Amanda was because he was embarrassingly called out for being a floater by Zingbot/production and suddenly felt compelled to actually do something.

    (4) Andy wins some comps towards the end of the game against the biggest bunch of fellow floater losers ever to get to the end stages of a BB or Survivor.

    Amanda had successfully taken out all of the big players and unsurprisingly nothing happened in the final couple of weeks that involved manipulation or big game moves. In the last ¼ of BB15, when Andy finally had the full opportunity to play a big game, we saw Andy vote out Amanda - which actually was GM's move – and then McCrae won HoH and got rid of Elissa – which was McCrae's move – and then Spencer won HoH and got rid of Judd – which was Spencer's move – and then …. Andy won some comps in the last 1.1/2 weeks.

    But maybe Andy did succeed in doing the following: Seeding the idea in Amanda's mind that Judd was sketchy and needed to be evicted, and Andy possibly throwing the second GM HoH comp which was a crucial moment in the game because clearly someone needed to get rid of Amanda. Andy was throwing comps all season. If not winning comps and not making moves makes you a BB great then I must be the idiot. Andy never mentioned during or directly after the show that he manipulated Judd out of the house. Judd actually was doing some sketchy things so it's quite possible that Amanda with her paranoia wanted him gone anyway.

    The reason so many people rate Andy so high is because of the genuine belief that the quality of a player largely depends on the level of safety a person achieves in the game. And the fundamental failure to understanding the difference between safety as a result of high level game strategy/play - Dan, Dr Will, Danielle, Derrick - which can get a player out of trouble and which involves a player directly controlling a large number of events in the game and safety in the game due to a player who, for instance, floats along under the protection of a tyranny and who was not seen as a threat because they never did anything.

    So in summary, Andy is definitely a top 10 - OVERRATED - player because he never made any moves of significance throughout the whole season but he did win some comps at the very end against the weakest bunch of fellow floater losers ever to make it to the final 3.

  2. Preempting your upcoming Big Brother players review. Why Andy Herren deserves a top 10 place.

    BB15 in summary:

    (1) A couple's alliance called Boats and Hoes/ forms (Aaryn, David, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM, Nick) and the rest of the house respond by forming an unnamed counter alliance (Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Candice).

    (The Moving Company was completely irrelevant and Spencer was effectively not included in the new unnamed counter alliance headed by Amanda even though he knew about it and even encouraged them to weaponize Elissa's MVP. Spencer and Howard's involvement in the MC made them permanent outcasts)

    Andy wasn't involved in forming any of these alliances and it wasn't him who pointed out the danger posed by Boats and Hoes.

    (2a) Throughout the next 2/3's of the season, Amanda enforces a tyranny which 100% succeeds in stopping people from making successful moves against her for fear of reprisal.

    Andy didn't make a move against Amanda or form any opposing alliance. At no point was Andy playing both sides of the house in the traditional sense of there being two distinct opposing alliances or doing anything covertly dangerous - e.g Ian on BB14 - apart from some low grade ratting.

    (2b) The McCranda tyranny results in a giant totem pole forming with everyone's place in the game basically decided by Amanda. Nearly every week someone would recognize that they were at the bottom and try to make a move.

    At no point was Andy manipulating Amanda into deciding who was evicted - apart from maybe Judd (see below). And we know this because there was absolutely no evidence of it on the live-feed or in the DR and because the boot order made perfect sense for Amanda's game. In fact the order of evictions was pretty much obvious to everyone in terms of threat potential so Andy didn't need to manipulate anything.

    Andy and Helen would constantly point out that it was too early in the game to make a move. Andy's greatness apparently boils down to him doing nothing and convincing others to also do nothing. WOW.

    (2c) Helen and Elissa begin to realize that time is running out and attempt to dethrone Amanda.

    During this long period when the totem pole was slowly being diminished, no alliance in opposition to Amanda was formed - with or without Andy. The realization by Helen and Elissa that a move finally needed to be made happened organically by themselves. At no point did Andy manipulate them into doing anything e.g encouraging them to make a move against Amanda in an attempt to ride the middle ground in a war.

    The most that can be said was that Andy manipulated them into not making a move. Now this is hardly comparable to the type of manipulation and moves made by the Big Brother greats when all he was saying was exactly the same thing that others independently had been saying all season and what nearly everyone says every season, 'it's too early!'


  3. I'm sure I'll change my mind once I see them but there is nothing I want more for Natalie or Nadiya to win. Just cause I love the misery of others.

    1. You are a terrible person and I like the way you think.

  4. Their Draft





    Apologies to Dom


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