Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Genius: Season Two in Review (Part 3)

With season four having already premiered in South Korea, we're back to bring you what will likely just be something with which to pass the time as you compulsively refresh Bumdidlyumptious' Twitter page. In today's podcast we cover everything from God's Judgment through the end of season two, including parting thoughts on each of the players and a quick preview of the utter pornography that will be The Genius: Grand Final. As always you can listen on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here.

TWITTER NOTE: In an effort to keep things as spoiler-free as possible for the hoobaes who won't get around to watching The Genius until BB17 is complete trash in a month (optimistic on both counts), follow and tag @GeniusTakes at the front of your Genius tweets so only those following the account will see your barrelfire musings.


  1. Hey Dom & Colin, in one of your podcasts you mention how Ian Terry found retailer versions of a lot of the Genius' games. I can't however find it anywhere, mind dropping a link to it? I'd love to play some of those with friends (If I can't find some to motivate!)
    Cheers and thanks for the awesome podcasts!

  2. Hi,

    This link, as well as discussion archives from "Brig Bother" pointed me toward the retail versions of games. "Venice Connection" (Monorail) which is probably the one I find most fascinating is impossibly hard to find in the U.S. apparently.

    1. Fantastic, thanks a thousand Ian, I really hope to see you on the (obviously dumbed down) US adaptation one day, I sure will apply for the french one!


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