Monday, August 24, 2015

The Genius 4: Minus Auction II Recap/Analysis with Lauren Las

As symbol of justice Kim Kyungran exits stage left, Kyungfan sunbae Lauren Las fills in for Colin to deliver a eulogy. Was she really The Genius' greatest female player, and what does that say about the show? As Dongmin somehow gets off scot-free for another week, is he amazing, aggravating, or both? And with the endgame in sight and a star-studded Final 5, could K-hound really be on course to win the game (if he survives the wrath of Ahyoung)? All this and more on this week's show, available below, here, or on iTunes here.
Minus Auction II with Lauren Las
Seed Poker with AJ Mass
Garnet Thief
Loyalists and Rebels
Fish Shop with Mike Bloom
Horror Race with Jay Fischer
Auction Draft with Kos


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    1. Hey guys. I listen to your podcasts often so I will first start off by saying thank you for the work you are doing and making watching genius more enjoyable. However, after listing to first part of this podcast I felt I really need to point out something. I am not sure which interpretion/press release you have encountered, but Dongmin has never said women are stupid. It was NOT targetted for women in general and the entire podcast episode was cut up and edited to intentionally make people misunderstand his comments. In the exact same podcasts, he said "harsh" comments toward men as well, but again not in a generic way. After the big press craziness, it was revealed that he was intentionally framed and more and more people in Korea are actually understanding what his comments meant in actual context. It is only natural one (i.e. genius players) would not feel anger towards him if he/she took little effort to investigate the situation. He also apologised for all his comments at an official press conference.

      I apologise for lenghty comment! I also once misunderstood dongmin and found out the actual situation later so I felt the need to speak up!

      I will be looking forward to your future podcasts. :)

  2. To the previous commenter about Dongmin... I understand that everything is obviously exaggerated because of his line of work and that he has insulted men in parts of the podcast as well, but his comments towards women were not taken out of context. Besides the comments that have already been brought up, he said, "what I can't stand is when a woman isn't a virgin", referred to them in that same context as "slut", and specifically "women are dumb because they tell their boyfriends about their sexual history". He also said on Happy Together that he doesn't allow his girlfriend to leave the house since she should only care about him. Given all that, it is hard not to feel really put off by him, even though there are plenty of occasions where I do find him funny.

    1. I have found the transcript, if anyone is interested.

      PS. I love your podcasts, been binge listening for the last two days and I am so glad I found you guys. Also, apologies for adding to such a distasteful topic.


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