Monday, November 14, 2016

Election 2016: President Trump Recap/Analysis with Michael Botta and Scott Green

In today's podcast we welcome GeniusCast's Michael Botta and Scott Green to break down Tuesday's shocking election results and speculate about where the country might be headed under President Trump. Plus, how did his campaign strike such a chord with the silent majority, and what were Hillary's critical errors? What's changes should we be prepared for regarding health care, immigration, taxes, and foreign policy? And could the media circus strategy play an even bigger role in elections going forward? All that and more below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. Great podcast you guys, and yes Presidential elections are coming soon here in France and Marine Le Pen is poised to do pretty well alas.

  2. As usual excellent episode. There are some key things that in my mind were were not really discussed/understood. I am am an older college educated woman that works in Healthcare Administration and Risk Management who voted third party. I am not going to vote for or against someone because of their race, sex, sexual preference or party.

    #1 The working poor are sick of being the only ones taking hit after hit. Example - Penalized uninsured working poor Too much $ for Medicaid or AHCA subsidy. Live paycheck to paycheck Not enough to buy healthcare.
    #2 The effects of ACA on private practice healthcare are ludicrous, increasing healthcare cost and generally without quality of care improvement. There is an unsustainable business practice for many private primary care providers. Thus physicians in private practice are now the minority and declining. No one cared or listened.
    #3 The people who disagreed with political policy over the last 8 years were seen and called bigots, uneducated, uncaring and fascists. It is truth for many and made the divide wider
    #4 So people shut up and waited to tell their truth in the voting booth
    #5 News commentators instead of being just factual reporting the facts and just the facts (not from a pro right or left source) inserted their own options and emotions which were almost completely and openly anti Trump. This further fueled the anger.
    #6 Soros’ deep influence with the Democrat Party. In 2005 his conviction for insider trading only has a monetary penalty. His major funding of what many see as anti-Israel groups and anti-Israel activism. Forbes listed Soros as the 27th richest person in the world, the world's richest hedge-fund manager, and 7th on its list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. In the 2016 election cycle, Soros Fund Management donated over $7 million to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign through super PACs
    #7 Bill Clinton lied under oath as president and was impeached.
    #8 It was ok for Bill Clinton to get a BJ under the desk in the oval office while on the phone with a foreign country and multiple woman came forward with evidence about his sexual advances Oh sex happens... But same people view Trump is worse in regards to treatment of woman than Bill.
    #9 I could go on but I think Mike Rowe summed it up best -
    "I don’t think Donald Trump won by tapping into America’s “racist underbelly,” and I don’t think Hillary lost because she’s a woman. I think a majority of people who voted in this election did so in spite of their many misgivings about the character of both candidates. That’s why it’s very dangerous to argue that Clinton supporters condone lying under oath and obstructing justice. Just as it’s equally dangerous to suggest a Trump supporter condones gross generalizations about foreigners and women.

    These two candidates were the choices we gave ourselves, and each came with a heaping helping of vulgarity and impropriety. Yeah, it was dirty job for sure, but the winner was NOT decided by a racist and craven nation – it was decided by millions of disgusted Americans desperate for real change. The people did not want a politician. The people wanted to be seen. Donald Trump convinced those people that he could see them. Hillary Clinton did not."

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  7. I have absolutely nothing to add to the politics of this conversation, just wanted to chime in and give you guys props for going there to begin with. It's a tough and scary thing to talk about without getting your head bitten off by one side or another and this podcast has done a great job handling the turbulent politics of 2016 with great maturity and insight. Not to down on the Survivor coverage but I honestly look more forward to the political podcasts these days. Keep it up!

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