Sunday, September 24, 2017

Australian Survivor: The Kings Are Dead, Long Live The Kings

It's been an eventful week on Australian Survivor and we invited back Adam Rida, the only Australian we've ever met, to talk about it. Of all the twists unleashed since our last check-in, which are fair or interesting? Is the editing as good as advertised? And, with the game's biggest player gone, who can fill the void? All this and more on this episode available below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. Henry is probably my favorite player in this cast and I still find Adam's Henry jerk unbearable.

    He definitely deserves props for his proactive and incredibly creative playstyle in addition to his good social game but defending the tribe swap is just ridiculous. Probably one of the best moments of the show, definitely one of the worst moves.

    Also RE: Ziggy's super idol it's bad but I think it was interesting just this once. Her move to play the idol canceller was terrible in an interesting way.

    As for Luke vs Sarah I think Adam is completely wrong and has completely misinterpreted events. Odette was never listed in any of the confessionals as a target and Luke even said it was either him/Peter/Sarah going home.

    Despite the stupid twists I think this is an elite season and one of the most talented casts ever.

  2. Also Henry confirmed in podcasts (and Locky today in the episode) confirmed that he wanted Henry to play his idol on himself.


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