Monday, October 2, 2017

Big Brother 19: Season in Review with Liana Boraas

In an effort to put this whole mess behind us, RHAP staple Liana Boraas returns to talk us through that crazy finale and decompress after another long, largely useless summer of Big Brother. What could Paul have done differently, and what kind of impact will his pillar-to-post rampage have on future seasons? Where does Josh stack up in the pantheon of BB winners, if anywhere? And what's the early scuttlebutt about #BBCelebrity? All that and more below, here, or on iTunes here.


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  2. Every season for the last few seasons when a favorite house guest is in danger of going he or she always wins HOH or POV and if not that there given a special power or twist happens to save them, last it's been know production ties the hands of house guests so there force to vote out certain house guests over other house guests.

    This show is becoming more and more rigged with each passing season.

    Also they casting the same types of house guests season after season young and almost never anyone over 40 and for the last few season there always one house guest who related to a past house guest from a past season Big Brother . The show is on life support but enough viewers keep watching it so it keeps returning season after season.

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