Saturday, April 7, 2018

Survivor 36: Breaking Bradley -- Episode 7 Recap/Analysis

(image via truedorktimes)

As Ozzy makes his fifth and surely not final appearance on Survivor, we consider the implications of his greatest legacy. What weird bluffs are in play when anything could be an idol? After doubting Domenick's playstyle for weeks, why are we siding with him and against the masses here? And as Kim Spradlin's heir walks out the door, is there a better place than his crotch for Wendell to hide his crown jewels? All this and more on this week's show, available below, here, or on iTunes here.


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  2. Colin Stone is a progressive, a Cultural Marxist and a racist fascist SOAB. Michael finding that idol nearly sent him over the edge. Another White male finding an idol just had to be a fix... but he was OK with the other finds this week. It won't be long until he suggests changing the rules of Survivor so that the White straight male privilege is removed so that a more diverse group of people start getting an equal share of these idols. It really won't be long until he starts expressing these thoughts. If a certain demographic finds an advantage, they must be cheating or someone is for sure cheating on their behalf. That's the problematic mindset that Colin Stone has now fully reached. It's a mentality which we have seen throughout history.

    The disturbing demonization of groups or races for being too successful and 'too privileged' is something we have seen throughout history: 'too many rich people!', 'too many Jews!', 'too many White people! . ' . Guillotines, gulags and gas chambers. The latest uprising of the collectivist mob once again will be defeated.

    Any economically dominant race or group that becomes a minority after being widely perceived to be successful only as a result of their exploitative nature will end up tortured and murdered. The unprecedented demographic change happening across the West has to be reversed.

    Progressives are attacking Western civilization because they are ignorant of the reasons why human beings operate at different levels. 2000 years of high culture (Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution) vs mud huts. Bearing in mind that there was little progress during the Dark Ages when White people lived in.. mud huts (Wattle and Daub).

    Progressives fundamentally do not understand why minorities aren't in equal numbers in positions of power, influence and overall standing in the West compared to White people. This absolute irrational obsession with equality goes all the way back to the French Revolution when proto-Marxists managed to gain power and assert their tyrannical beliefs.

    The biggest mistake the Cultural Marxists made was not expecting the re-emergence of Christian and conservative values across the Eastern part of Western civilization. This would be their downfall. East and West would ultimately unite to smash the progressive tyranny. Eastern Europe and Russia successfully deployed from a population totalling around 250 million.

    The Brexit and Trump elections were both won on incredibly fine margins but critically proved to East that West was still capable of supporting a successful counter-offensive. Libertarians and conservatives across America, Western Europe and the wider Anglosphere were more than ready and willing to fight, and in numbers that matched the effort coming from the East.

  3. Wow. Just wow. Get a grip. Nobody is making u listen to the podcast. Turn it off. Dom & Colin please try to just ignore the trolls, haters, & unqualified+unjustified criticism. Let it roll off you like water off a ducks back. I'm not the only one who loves what the 2 of you do. Even if the "Silent Majority" doesn't comment, join Patreon, or leave reviews. The proof is in the listens/streams & downloads.


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