Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Surviving Life as a RTV Loved One with Kristin Abbate

For most reality TV fans, the contestants' loved ones are a fleeting distraction: they appear on cue from some jungle clearing or TV monitor, tug your heartstrings as required, and then disappear for good. For the loved ones themselves, those contestants going on TV leaves a massive void in their lives and can permanently change those relationships - for better or for worse. With so much attention focused on the games and their players, these perspectives are rarely found in the commentary. We did our part to fix that by chatting to Kristin Abbate, wife of Survivor: Ghost Island star Domenick and target of the fanbase's ire for being too candid about the strain that his absence put on their family. What happens when a parent and provider vanishes with no explanation? How does it feel to have hordes of internet stranges calling you a terrible wife and mother? And just what silliness do the loved ones get up to behind the scenes? Kristin takes the floor on this episode, available below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. incredible podcast :). I laughed and laughed. it was very insightful.

  2. Terrific podcast! Great idea to talk to Kristin and get the other side of the story. She was such a great guest! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3. Loved this podcast so much! Great idea to have Kristin on. She was so real, funny, honest, open, authentic, blunt. Also enjoyed that she didn't self censor & swore. She didn't try & church it up. Liked that she mentioned how she+Dom met, stuff about kids, family, etc. Would be great if you guys maybe interviewed Dom, Wendell, Laurel. Dom had a great podcast on RHAP (Sorry to bring up the competition! Love you guys! Your great too!) & Laurel recently did one I haven't listened to yet.

  4. Terrific podcast!! Well done Dom and Colin.
    Kirstin Gurl!!

    The woman is a NUTTER!
    She belongs to ........ Big Brother!

  5. Fantastic podcast! As a parent and a grandparent, I've often wondered about the people at home especially those with small children. Refreshing. Thanks.