Monday, August 6, 2018

Tyrant Saw Us Brexit: Deal or No Deal?

With Donald Trump offering policy advice, hiring recommendations, and general moral support to a beleaguered Britain, saner voices are desperately need to explain what on earth is happening on that side of the pond; none were available, so Colin once again enlisted Dom to break down the Brexit progress (or lack thereof) two years in. How have his and his compatriots' opinions changed since 2016, and what do people expect to happen next? With important deadlines approaching, what might the final deal look like? And, if there isn't one, will there be panic on the streets of London, Birmingham, and/or Carlisle? Find out below, here, or on iTunes here.

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  1. Great podcast!Love whenever the 2 of you cover topics outside the realm of tv, movies, entertainment, Survivor, etc. Forgive me my intrusive, impertinent questions to follow. Dom, why are you moving to Canada? Are you going to become a Canadien Citizen? Will you still be able to vote in U.K. elections if you keep U.K. citizenship? Maybe Dual Citizenship? I say this as an American who has only been able to travel overseas once for a short time. But who is fascinated by immigration, emigration, migration, travel, cultural differences between US & U.K., cultural differences worldwide, race, ethnicity, demographics, identity, politics, geopolitics, international affairs/foreign policy, & learning of foreign/2nd/additional spoken languages. Thanks so much for all that the 2 of you do for all of us fans, stans, followers, etc. I'm sorry that I'm unable to support the podcast on Patreon at this time. Feel a little guilty to be able to enjoy the free content :(
    But such is life, cest la vie. If I ever win the lottery or come into some other large unexpected financial windfall be most assured that $$ will come your way in gratitude. Hopefully at a live RHAP podcast event or con.