Monday, October 15, 2018

Survivor 37: You Are Dismissed -- Episode 3 Recap/Analysis

The boys are back in (Slam)town and have a lot to say about another great episode of a promising season as well as alleged extracurricular/extramarital activities. Which of John Hennigan's thirty  alter-egos is playing the best game so far, and how high is that bar? Who was really to blame for Jess' downfall last week, and can Jeremy blame anyone but himself for his own? And just how easy is it to be a lawyer these days? All this and more on this week's show, available below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. Nice to have Dom back again. It's been a minute. Just wanted to clarify something about Jeremy's exit press comments, since Colin didn't follow the story. The only reason Jeremy brought up the whole showmance topic to begin with was to suggest that this was the main reason that Angelina wanted to target him instead of Natalie. He originally said that he joked about Angelina being in a showmance with John to some of his Goliath tribe mates, and this comment got back to Angelina and annoyed her enough that it most likely became the primary motivation for her wanting to blindside him rather than Natalie. To the extent that it offered a clear(er) rationale for why Angelina wanted Jeremy out, his remarks were illuminating. Somehow, in repeating the story though to different interviewers/podcasters, Jeremy seemed to lose his way a bit and doubled-down on the showmance angle rather than just letting it go. Hence, the mess it devolved into. But the original comment was not meant just to be a spiteful way to get back at Angelina months after the game had been played, which seems to be the way Colin has understood the events of the past week.

    Just want to add here that I'm with Colin on all the "hail Queen Natalie" nonsense. I'd like her more if everyone wasn't falling over themselves to worship at her feet. I'd like her more as well if she showed some self-awareness of how she is coming across to others in the game. (Her posts on Reddit suggest to me that she remains completely delusional on this front. She keeps suggesting that the edit has been deceptive about her relationship with the other players, even though we keep getting confessionals from her tribe mates talking about how she is rubbing them the wrong way. All the fanboy worship has not helped in this regard.)

  2. Thx for using my updated edit zone jingle guys.
    Dom's assessment on Angelina was spot on.
    I think she's the type of person who has..... management consultant syndrome......
    Her mega confidence (borderline cockiness) might get the best of her.
    Let's see how she interacts with players whom she sees as less intelligent than her.