Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Challenge 34 Draft with Matt Liguori, Brian Scally, and Haley Strong

This week Colin is back with the full Challenge crew to preview the cast of "Unnamed War of the Worlds Sequel" before Jemmye and Shane spoil everything on Twitter. Listen below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. I'd personally take Leroy & CT over Josh Martinez. I'd also draft Nany, Faith, & Unknown female over Kaleigh Morris. Maybe not a snub but why not cast Emily Schrom this season? Was she even asked? She did some kind of Challenge event/promo at a theme park recently. Glad to know that Laurel is back this season as well. Does Nelson not being here count as a snub? Fun podcast. Love hearing from Haley Strong anywhere, any topic. Can't recall other than Dom+Colin Challenge episodes where I've heard Matt & Brian Scally but they're great too. Thanks Colin for making this happen & all of your+Dom's Survivor coverage.

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