Saturday, November 24, 2018

Survivor 37: Canadian Takesgiving -- Episode 9 Recap/Analysis with Kirsten MacInnis

It's a Canadian takeover and takesgiving this week as Colin is replaced by Big Brother Canada alum-ish and she-devil Kirsten MacInnis to ring in Sagittarius season and discuss how the dark horse galloped to the front of the pack, if anyone can truly be a David or a Goliath, and just what's wrong with Scorpios. As always you can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. After reading josh's article where he interviews Nick I think it obvious that Nick & mike are gonna work together eventually. That means eventually Christian will be gone I think the scene with mike saying Angelina is deranged. He plans taking her as a goat

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  3. Have you ever considered the possibility that men and women are fundamentally different so expecting equal outcomes is dumb? You know, the fact that men and women had fundamentally different roles going back like 150,000 years due to the major biological differences between men and women in the context of a brutal reality where just the act of surviving was an incredible struggle.

    Being anti-science and anti-rational is dangerous, especially when you swap those out for neo-Marxist BS.


    1. Or at least suggest a solution, Jesus. Every body type and both genders have certain advantages and disadvantages. I don’t know what the producers need to do to make it easier for some. people to find idols. Also news flash, all reality shows are unfair.

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  5. Can’t wait to get Colin back next week..