Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Breaking Bad: Season 5 Discussion with Stephen Fishbach

With the first half of season five now complete, we're back to talk more Breaking Bad. Returning to the podcast to discuss it with us, free from the leash of the 140 character limit, is Stephen Fishbach.

Today we examine some of the major themes we've seen developing over the first four seasons, look at how they've progressed over the course of the last eight episodes, and speculate about how we might see the series play out in the grossly-far-away-sounding conclusion next summer.

When will we see the transition to Walt's 52nd birthday and beyond?  Why does Stephen think Walt will have to die?  Where does Breaking Bad rank so far on our lists of all-time dramas?  And why can't British people appreciate The Wire?

Find out when you listen below, find the direct link HERE, or find us on iTunes HERE.


  1. if Coach is Walt, Tyson is Jessie. and perhaps Sophie is Skylar?

    Dom cannot deny the significance of pink in the season 2 flashforwards when everything else is black and white.

    Stephen probably hasn't seen the interviews with Vince Gilligan around the end of season 2 when he was saying that killing Walt would be the easy way out.

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