Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Survivor 25: Premiere Recap/Analysis ft. Gary Wise

Survivor is back, and so are we! ESPN's (well, kinda) Gary Wise returns to the show to give Colin his thoughts on the premiere of what already looks to be a fantastic season. Skupin and Penner both spoke thoughtfully on the show about what it means - both to them personally and in general - to be a returning player; what do we make of how they, and their less esteemed colleague, have fared so far, and what do we see for them in the future? Who stands out in one of the more diverse and interesting casts of newbies in quite a while? And you may have heard people rage about Zane's antics, but not with such force and eloquence or with such a strong Canadian accent as Gary does in today's episode. All that and more comes to you in this week's podcast, available on the player below, for download HERE or on iTunes HERE.


  1. i think posting this on the day of the second episode is a little late. i would say better late than never but you say you recorded it the day after the premiere?? i don't get the point of holding off so long. you may be getting a smaller audience than you deserve because your shows become less relevant much sooner after they're posted, imo.

  2. We definitely appreciate the concern and we're working on faster turnaround time. So far, Dom has done all of the editing for all of the episodes, and since he's a full time student, sometimes other things have to take priority. I'm going to be learning the editing software soon and given how little I ever have to do, we should definitely be getting episodes up more quickly in the very near future.

  3. ahhhh the editing is so seamless. i didn't think you guys did much of that.


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