Sunday, October 14, 2012

Big Brother: Winner/Gameplay Analysis ft. Kos

A month after the dramatic conclusion to Big Brother 14, the fan community has had time to process the aftermath of Ian's win. How does his performance stack up against the game's all-time greats', including those from his own season? Which players deserve more attention, and who have received more than they ever earned? And, in the light of Dan's creative destruction of BB14, does he definitively wrest the title of #1 from Will?

We sat down to answer these questions and ended up talking for around four-and-a-half hours, so for ease of listening we've split this podcast into two parts. In the first part - available on the player below, for download here, and on iTunes here - we go through the winners chronologically from Lisa to Ian, breaking down their individual games and trying to gain a good perspective for comparison. In the second part, to be covered in a separate blog post, we talk about some of the more interesting players who failed to close before delving into the Dan vs. Will debate.

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  1. is this podcast gone forever :( I really want to hear it


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