Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Survivor 25: The Penner Punch -- Episode 6 Recap/Analysis

Another week, another blindside, another blog post recycling that parallelism. This week we took the bait once more as Penner appeared to be on his way out of the game, only for Katie to get the now painfully obvious boot.

How did the editors trick us yet again? (We're morons).  Did Jeff Kent and company make the right decision in keeping Penner around? (Maybe).  And was Carter's slip-up really a display of tactical brilliance? (...no).

Plus, what insights can be gleaned now that conclusive research has been done regarding social media hashtags?  What do we make of having three idols in play simultaneously?  And what might we expect to see go down if the tribes get shuffled or merged next week?  Find out when you stream this week's podcast below, find the direct link HERE, or find us on iTunes HERE.

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