Wednesday, June 26, 2013

BB15: Season Preview

Sixteen people enter a house.  Over the course of the next hundred days, all but one of them will have their dreams demolished, ideally for nothing but personal reasons, and, if we're lucky, in such a manner that will form entirely new strands of psychological disorders that will plague the contestants for decades to come.

In today's season preview podcast we meet, judge, generalize, and objectify this year's hopefuls as their quest for the half-million dollar prize is finally ready to launch. We also evaluate some of the hottest innovations from the last few issues of Outcome Manipulation Quarterly and delve into how we think the powers that be may see fit to use such techniques over the coming months.

Which houseguest tore down the Berlin Wall of sexism and became the first male recipient of the Jenn Lyon Memorial Fox of the Season? And what is Colin's obligatory tinfoil hat theory of 2013? Before tonight's premiere (or at your leisure, we're not picky), listen to this episode on the player below, stream it here, or find us on iTunes here.