Sunday, July 29, 2012

BB14: Suffering From Realness -- Week 2 Recap/Analysis

The second round of carnage is complete inside the Big Brother house.  Another pair of players has left the game -- this week's twosome decidedly more gruesome than the first -- and we're here to go over all of it.

Plus, how do we see Shane's reign as HoH playing out? And, more importantly, how might Willie's expulsion from the game and subsequent mix-up with the law affect the Hantz empire?

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As it turns out, the "embed" button has been right next to the "share" button THIS WHOLE TIME. Perennial givers that we are, we're now saving you a mouse click by letting you listen to the episode right on this post.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

BB14: Week 1 Recap

It's been an electric two weeks so far in the Big Brother house and we're breaking it all down, Cajun style.  In this episode, we go over the effect the coaches have had on the game, analyze the player draft, evaluate all of the strategic happenings within the house, and forecast how we think the upcoming week might play out.

Plus, how long will it take for Ian to seal the deal with Ashley?  And do blondes still hate other blondes?

(They do).

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SPOILER ALERT: Contained in this episode are all of the major events that have taken place in the house all the way through the Week 2 PoV competition results.  Hopefully you're cool with that.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

BB14: Season Preview

As post-racial America prepares for the post-Rachel era, we bring you an in-depth look at this summer's cast.   Plus, what impact will the mentors have on the game?  When will Willie to go public about his Hantzashian status?  And who will be left at the end of this inevitable wreckage to collect the grossly cheap sounding half-million dollar prize? 

Find out when you stream this episode HERE or find it on iTunes HERE.

SPOILER ALERT: As we are people who watch Big Brother correctly (i.e. follow along with the progress on the live feeds), our episodes will always contain the most up to the minute information from within the house at the time of recording.  In this instance, that means that contained in this episode are the identities of the four returning players as well as the rumored winner of the first HoH competition.  Hopefully you're cool with that.

Monday, July 9, 2012

BB12: A Diabolical Look Back with Matt Hoffman

If you're a Big Brother fan who also thinks "The Sopranos" was a bit conservative with the cursing, we've got the interview you've been waiting for.

For our first ever BB retrospective, joining us live from The Gremlin Cave is none other than Matt Hoffman. In this episode, we'll discuss how The Bragade Brigade really came together, his controversial use of the Diamond Power of Veto, and how a bag of pretzels may have cost him the game. Plus, what are Brendon and Rachel really like off-camera?  And which BB12 contestant did Matt think was handicapped prior to entering the house? All this and more when you stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunes HERE.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Survivor: Tocantins Revisited with Stephen Fishbach

Spoiler alert.

In our final "Survivor" retrospective of the season, we're joined by confirmed actual wizard Stephen Fishbach to go over his 39 days spent wheeling and dealing in Brazil.  We also discuss the post-Tocantins evolution of JT, Coach, and Tyson as characters, how one might best evaluate individual games, and the impact of returning players in seasons with rookies.  

Plus, what was Stephen's biggest piece of advice for JT before Heroes vs. Villains?  And how accurately-rated is Sophie Clarke?  All of this and more when you listen HERE or on iTunes HERE.