Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Survivor: Tocantins Revisited with Stephen Fishbach

Spoiler alert.

In our final "Survivor" retrospective of the season, we're joined by confirmed actual wizard Stephen Fishbach to go over his 39 days spent wheeling and dealing in Brazil.  We also discuss the post-Tocantins evolution of JT, Coach, and Tyson as characters, how one might best evaluate individual games, and the impact of returning players in seasons with rookies.  

Plus, what was Stephen's biggest piece of advice for JT before Heroes vs. Villains?  And how accurately-rated is Sophie Clarke?  All of this and more when you listen HERE or on iTunes HERE.


  1. Hello,

    I just tumbled upon your podcast and I enjoy it; however, I'm wondering if you fellas are aware that most of your older podcasts can't be downloaded...I've tried to download Sophie's and Albert's original podcasts but the links are deadlinks.

    Any chance of these getting re-hosted? I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

  2. Sorry about all of that, Dom and I are pitiful with the technical aspects of this.

    We're working on fixing iTunes so that all of our episodes are available, though we're not quite sure how to get it to display any past our most recent 20.

    In any case, both Sophie and Albert's episodes still show up on the iTunes store page, at least for me. If not, here are links to stream them and hopefully we can make them downloadable again shortly.





  3. I appreciate the quick reply. Your Rob and Stephen podcasts were awesome. I love poker and I love Survivor and I had no idea this existed so the meshing of both is a kin to sex on the beach...the angle you fellas have taken with your podcast is awesome. Keep it up!


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