Sunday, September 25, 2016

Survivor 33: Season Premiere + Australian Survivor Recap/Analysis

Last Wednesday both Survivor and Mother Nature returned in full force and today we're back to break down all the drama and excitement from the sopping season premiere. What's the risk/reward formula for a balance beam? Which religious person will give the jury false hope and watch their co-conspirator win unanimously? And in the season of Robs vs. Johns, how screwed are the Daves? Plus, a whirlwind tour of the fifteen Australian Survivor episodes that have aired sometime in the past day or two! All that and more below, here, or on iTunes here.

Golden Balls: Nick Corrigan
Golden Balls: Liv Boeree
Golden Balls: £100,000

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Survivor 33: Season Preview - Age Wars Hype Hour

With only a few days until we learn which generation is officially to blame for everything, join us as we preview what promises to be a season of the television show Survivor. Free English lessons included.

You can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why You Should Watch Survivor Maryland

As Australian Survivor and Millennials vs Gen X take over the internet, we want to draw your attention to the most exotic Survivor location of all: the University of Maryland campus. Survivor Maryland director Austin Trupp joins us to explain how he created the gold standard for fan-made Survivor series, why the genre deserves more respect, and what it can teach us about casting and gameplay on televised Survivor.

We then go over the gory details of Guts & Glory, the most recent season that wrapped up recently to a great reception. The spoiler section starts at ~41:00.

As always, you can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.

Inside Survivor feature
Survivor Maryland YouTube

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Australian Survivor Catchup with Mike Bloom

Australian Survivor is moving too fast for anyone to keep up with, but we'll give it our best effort. Mike Bloom was kind enough to come on at short notice to break down the first five (!) episodes of a promising reboot of the franchise, with hot takes that will surely be discredited by new episodes that will have already aired by the time this goes up. You can listen below, here, or find us on iTunes here.

Sarah Freeman: Why Survivor Failed in the UK