Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breaking Bad pre-finale review

(NOTE: Six Feet Under finale spoilers at the very end of the episode)

We're just over 24 hours away from one of the defining pop culture moments of our generation, as viewers wait in uncontainable anticipation for the series finale of Breaking Bad. In preparation, we spoke about the season thus far, the series as a whole, and how this thrilling ride might come to an end. You can listen here or on iTunes here.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Survivor 27: Premiere review with Ian Terry

Formerly reigning Big Brother champion Ian Terry joins us today to give some brief thoughts on the close of one season - and the man who took his crown - and the start of another (Survivor coverages starts at ~28:00). How did the barrage of twists we saw at the start shape the way the game played out in its first days? What can be said about the returning players, who - in a true blindside - were the group neglected in the premiere? How pessimistic should we be for future episodes, with more content to be shown and less airtime to assign to it? And how awkward are the Peterson family reunions going to be? All this and more on this week's show, available here, below, or on iTunes here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Survivor 27: Season Preview

Something erroneously labelled 'Survivor' is airing on CBS in a week, and podcasting about it is a good outlet for our frustration. Still, among a bevy of twists and a cast assembled by lottery, there are a few bright points: two Survivor winners, a Big Brother winner, and some nondescript female twenty-something who will inexplicably win Colin's heart. You can listen to the usual mix of predictions and lamentations below, here, or on iTunes here.