Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Schedule

So as not to bury the lead, it would be wise on our part to announce that we'll be recording our final Survivor retrospective of the season with Stephen Fishbach tomorrow afternoon.

And with Survivor: Philippines waiting in the wings for September, we'll be turning our attention this summer to another one of our favorites: Big Brother.  Tune in each week as we'll be bringing you coverage of all of the goings-on within the BB14 house along with the most in-depth strategy analysis in Podcastland.

To get you all in the mood, we're happy to announce that we've lined up our first Big Brother retrospective.  Joining us for this landmark occasion is none other than America's favorite diabolical super-genius, BB12's Matt Hoffman.  That episode will be available sometime during the week leading up to the BB14 premiere.

We're also planning on covering our first scripted series, Breaking Bad, when its fifth season premieres in July.  To catch up on this show, you can stream episodes instantly if you're fortunate enough to know your mom's Netflix log-in information.

Speaking of scripted shows, we'll be completing our coverage of the first season of the latest Russell Hantz vehicle, Flipped Off, once again joined by friend of the show Matt Rodrigues sometime as Big Brother is airing.

We also still hope to have a conversation about old school Survivor spoiling with True Dork Times godfather Jeff Pitman and we'll let you know more about that as we figure it out ourselves.

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