Thursday, July 12, 2012

BB14: Season Preview

As post-racial America prepares for the post-Rachel era, we bring you an in-depth look at this summer's cast.   Plus, what impact will the mentors have on the game?  When will Willie to go public about his Hantzashian status?  And who will be left at the end of this inevitable wreckage to collect the grossly cheap sounding half-million dollar prize? 

Find out when you stream this episode HERE or find it on iTunes HERE.

SPOILER ALERT: As we are people who watch Big Brother correctly (i.e. follow along with the progress on the live feeds), our episodes will always contain the most up to the minute information from within the house at the time of recording.  In this instance, that means that contained in this episode are the identities of the four returning players as well as the rumored winner of the first HoH competition.  Hopefully you're cool with that.

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