Monday, July 9, 2012

BB12: A Diabolical Look Back with Matt Hoffman

If you're a Big Brother fan who also thinks "The Sopranos" was a bit conservative with the cursing, we've got the interview you've been waiting for.

For our first ever BB retrospective, joining us live from The Gremlin Cave is none other than Matt Hoffman. In this episode, we'll discuss how The Bragade Brigade really came together, his controversial use of the Diamond Power of Veto, and how a bag of pretzels may have cost him the game. Plus, what are Brendon and Rachel really like off-camera?  And which BB12 contestant did Matt think was handicapped prior to entering the house? All this and more when you stream the episode HERE or find it on iTunes HERE.

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  1. Absolutely brilliant work guys! I tend to find it hard to listen to podcasts as a general rule as I prefer to read over listening, but these are really enjoyable and fascinating. 100 million times better than normal interviews as it covers the stuff I actually want to know and you have a real knack for getting the players to open up about their games. This also really made me appreciate Matt a lot more than I did before (not that I didn't per se, but not on any real level) - he was a great interviewee and is now up the top of my All Stars wishlists.

    Looking forward to the BB ones to come. Hopefully you've got Jun BB4 somewhere in the mix there..


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