Sunday, May 6, 2012

TAR, Celebrity Apprentice, & Flipped Off with Matt Rodrigues

In our first episode of non-Survivor content in far too long, we're joined by Matt Rodrigues to forecast the finale of The Amazing Race, discuss how we see the endgame playing out on The Celebrity Apprentice, and break down the pilot of Russell Hantz's new show, Flipped Off.  (Spoiler alert regarding that last bit: it's going to be the greatest house-flipping show of all tiiiiiime.)

You can stream the episode here or on iTunes here.

For those of you who don't watch all of these shows, here's a guide of where our discussion about each particular series begins within the episode (note: very thoughtful of us).

The Amazing Race-- starts 00:00

The Celebrity Apprentice-- starts 56:45

Flipped Off-- starts 141:30

The weekly Survivor recap will be up later today, and Albert Destrade joins us again next week for our Survivor finale preview show. After that, we'll have the season review episode, and we'll bring you podcasts about a range of subjects with a variety of guests over the summer. Until then, stay updated by subscribing on iTunes using the link above or following us on Twitter.

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