Friday, February 8, 2013

Survivor 26: Season Preview

Survivor returns to our screens this Wednesday, but before we begin another season of carefully responding to concrete demonstrations of character and personal motivation, we must first spend three hours offering baseless overreactions to the new cast, many post-scripted by our trademark insincere disclaimer that one can't judge a book by its cover.

Do any of the Fans have what it takes to defeat this motley crew of returnees?  What can be made of the controversial casting of the Favorites tribe, and how might their off-island relationships impact the game?   Can Malcolm overcome the collective fear of the the unknown?  Is Brenda the next Survivor superstar or a trendy impostor?  And can Cochran capitalize on what appears to be a hand-selected group of teammates?

As always you can listen on the player below, here, or find us on iTunes here, and join us after the two hour season premiere when we'll be breaking everything down with special guest, Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry.


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  2. brenda is basically the same player as kim. the underrated thing in nicaragua is that almost every single player post merge was actually playing the game or at least trying to, and the only exceptions were purple kelly and dan. which is extremely rare. almost every vote in that game post merge was based on who is the biggest threat to win out of who is left.


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