Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Survivor 26: We Are Never Ever Gota Back Together -- Episode 6 Recap/Analysis

As the tribes are being switched up, one things remains the same: Gota continues to be the tribe where everything's happening, even if they aren't going to Tribal Council any more. As the fans look for new friends and the favourites mark their new territory, who stands to gain from this reshuffle? Will Erik and Brenda finally get a chance to shine (who are we kidding, but these things are tricky to write)? And Malcolm may not be an accomplished player when it comes to winning, but he's one of the standout performers this season. Is he set up for another deep run, and who should/does he want there with him? Meanwhile, on the beleaguered Bikal tribe, the fans await their execution. What hope is there for any of them that do survive until the merge? And might we actually see Phillip turn on Corinne, or is this just an excuse to give him even more screentime? All this and more on this week's show, available on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

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