Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whodunnit: Investigating Episodes 5+6 with Jay Fischer


Previously on "Whodunnit"...

Despite the tried and true CBS business model, ABC decided to torch both their money and reputation by creating a reality game designed to combine intellect with political prowess which offers no incentive other than playing to win.  In a further demonstration of ludicrous judgment, they flooded the pool of contestants with highly capable and interesting individuals -- mostly ages 27-40 -- who were well-suited for what they were about to endure. If that weren't enough, they found a host who not only understands his intended role within the game, but actively embraces it. Yet somehow, despite all of these concerted efforts to the contrary, they've fluked their way into the smartest and most riveting reality game on TV.  Seriously though, don't blame Jeff, Allison, and Robyn; nobody could have seen this result coming.

Playful editorializing aside, "Whodunnit" has quickly become the pinnacle of modern reality gamesmanship, and today we're back with our good friend Jay Fischer to break down the two most recent episodes, discuss how we see the rest of the season playing out, and give our updated (and probably incorrect) winner/killer predictions. If you're already one of the enlightened three million people who watches "Whodunnit" regularly, listen to this podcast on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here. If you're not, bookmark this page and watch "Whodunnit" immediately.


  1. Thankyou for calling out Robyn Kass, she never seems to cop any crap whatsoever, though clearly Grodner is the epitome of horror and deserves to be tried for her crimes to reality TV.

    Always love Jay, glad he's been turned into a semi-regular guest on your show and I can only hope you bring him on for some BB and/or Survivor coverage in the future (perhaps one of the only people in the community who has an incredible grasp of Survivor history and context, but doesn't actively try to shit on the current state show every 4 seconds).

    Love what you guys are doing, really glad that you're really starting to get some publicity and recognition from some of the more well-known podcasts, and I hope you can keep it up. You're doing a great service for your listeners <3

    1. Thanks a lot, Ryan, though I should definitely point out that the views expressed in the prologue DO NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Dom and Jay, though they certainly represent mine.

      Point being, "Whodunnit" is so good that I'm irrationally frustrated by what CBS reality has allowed itself to become. It's the difference between Kassting and actual casting.


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