Thursday, November 7, 2013

Survivor 27: Merge Discussion with Jay Fischer

It's that time again where dreams become realities, boys become men, and women become even more intensely scorned by Jeff Probst. That's right, it's the merge, and what turned out to be a predictable episode still featured all of the scrambling, scavenging, conniving, and double-dealing that we've all come to expect. How do things change with Laura M. back in the game? Was overthrowing King Aras the right move for Tyson? Where does Ciera fit into the long-term puzzle? And, apropos of nothing, who was the deserving winner of South Pacific? All this and more in this week's episode, featuring our old pal Jay Fischer.

Plus, who will be in the hot seat later this week for our newest retrospective? Find out when you listen on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here.

(Still doesn't appear to be up on iTunes. Hopefully this fixes itself because we're hopeless).


  1. I came by on a fri and glad I did since it didnt show up on itunes. Good podcast, as usual. Maybe Dom seems more dour than usual (I cant tell).

    Thanks for clarifying who Jay is since his name looked familiar but I couldnt remember in what context.

    Keep up the timely work!

  2. Great podcast aw always but Jay was speaking total gibberish.

    They showed Kim making too many mistakes? First off, Kim reconsidering who she may want to bring to the finals TO THE CAMERA and then sticking with her plan isn't waffling and was obviously a forced angle to give the show suspense, as Dom said. But besides the fact that his evidence was pretty worthless, that point is insane. They should hide a winner's mistakes to make him or her look better? That is against the producer and viewer's best interest because it would take even more suspense from the show and reduce the viewer's understanding of why a winner won.

    Also, when Dom asked if the challenge was stacked against John, he replied saying "you could say some of them were stacked in his odds". Which ones? They were all puzzles with no muscular build required in a single one of them.

    Not to bash on him, as I enjoy him on his podcast most of the time, but when he tries to be too even keeled he ends up saying literally nothing.

    Still, enjoyable listen. You guys have a really good mind for strategy.

  3. Hi Bob, I admit that I wasn't on form this week so I wasn't as forceful as I should have been. I don't remember saying that about John but you're right that it doesn't make sense. My point was probably that, although it was unfair for John that the final duel was so stacked against him, any challenge is going to be better suited to some people than others; one that isn't wouldn't look much like a 'challenge', by Survivor's definition.

  4. Thanks for the response! I think you guys are an absolutely fantastic listen. (And it was actually thanks to a plug by Jay on the tribe that I found you guys). I hope another hall of fame podcast is coming soon for the 2013 hall of fame, because the last one about the hall of fame was probably the most enjoyable episode of a podcast I've ever listened to.


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