Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Survivor 28: Extended Preview

With the Survivor: Cagayan premiere only hours away, we're back for a typically brief and cursory look at the players gracing our screens for the next three months, who are hopefully bold and definitely beautiful. We break down what Tyler Perry production had in mind when they installed the bevy of twists found on this season, debating what effect these might have on the game, and act as wholly unqualified judges of character for this season's cast. You can listen below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. As far as I'm aware, the idol isn't god-mode once someone finds it post merge, it's god-mode once whoever already has it makes it to the merge.
    Which leaves the terrifying possibility of 2 god-mode idols being in the game at once, or possibly even 3 if they rehide Garrett's. Which leaves the even more terrifying possibility of a guaranteed final 3 should the idol holders choose to work together.
    Hey, at least Probst made a new friend in Tyler.

  2. Sarah obviously had a strong first episode, but I'm not finding people discussing that she essentially volunteered as leader ("who's a talker?" "I'm a talker" followed by her being chosen as leader) which seems an active mistake. Her choice of weakest certainly led to the least problems out of the three tribes, but Trish's response, or at least her initial response, was out of Sarah's control. Sarah looks set to do well, and her interactions with people have been excellent so far, but choosing to be leader seems an unnecessary and poor decision. That decision turning out well so far for her is more like luck than anything else. Tasha, LJ and Spencer in some order were the other most impressive first episode players, though LJ being chosen as leader hurt him (though to his credit, he did not seek out the role), while Tasha and Spencer are in a dysfunctional tribe that has clearly and obviously done terribly, and it's hard to not blame them to some degree.

    Having a tribe fall apart completely challengewise in a 3 tribe game may lead to some advantageous middle/endgames as you two have discussed, but on any tribe switch it's probably just as easy to become easy pickings as it is to become a controlling swing vote. And regardless, if the plan is to have your tribe fall apart to reach certain post merge positions, you need to be capable of maintaining a very safe position in the rapidly dwindling tribe as Malcolm and Denise did, but no one here has done (and be capable of quickly integrating on a switch, or as Denise also did, being clearly physically valuable). Hopefully one of Tasha or Spencer plays a strong game.


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