Saturday, February 21, 2015

Survivor 30: Season Preview

Get your fire emojis ready because we're back to preview the cast, theme, and twists of Survivor: Worlds Apart and the takes are coming in scorching.  Can former podcast guest Max Dawson deliver on the unprecedented hype or are we all going to unfollow him in like two weeks? Which professions are scarier than Life Coach? How many push-ups can the average Survivor winner do? And who will be crowned the inaugural J'Tia Taylor High Variance Player of the Season? Find out when you listen below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. I think that you hit the nail on the head in terms of the theme: they use it to attract viewers pre-season and early on in the season. Eventually they're going to have a tribe swap which effectively ditches the theme in an organized fashion, and from that point they trust that viewers will be compelled to keep watching because of the people and because of the storyline rather than the theme.

    1. Also, I'm addicted to The Genius now and I have other things I need to do, damn you!

  2. Oddly, Colin and I seem to have very similar assessments of the players this season, but completely different opinions of how they will fare in the game--Tyler being a case in point! So, as per usual, I feel that Dom got the much better draft.

    Regarding the difference between So and Shirin, Shirin has a much geekier vibe to her which she played up in her bio, so many of the fans have embraced her for the 'one of us' factor. For us female online fans, there's a kick to her being a smart, successful woman as well as a geek.

    That said, I don't know why I feel so ambivalent about So, and I kind of feel that if Shirin wasn't on this season as well, I'd be much higher on So. So definitely suffered from having her xfinity interview coming out so late.

    Does recognizing Max prove she's a fan? Weren't there casting rumours about Max before they even left? She'd deserve kudos just for researching spoilers for her season, but I still feel like So's knowledge / love of the game is being over-rated.

    Question: if Max was booted first, would he purposefully leave his beard untrimmed for the full thirty nine days anyway, just to troll the rest of the community?

    Dom laying into Colin over his Sierra support is the youtubable clip of the episode. I am rooting a little harder for Sierra solely due to that moment.

  3. Wow, the Genius really is solid. I'll definitely be waiting for some podcasts on that

  4. The genius is one of best shows i've ever seen. Almost done with season 2 and I'd love to hear you guys podcast about it.


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