Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Survivor 31: Hype Train Roundup

In shocking news that shocked us all, tonight's episode culminated in a preview for next season, which, in a wholly unanticipated turn of events, will apparently feature returning players. With these astounding revelations in mind, we found it prudent to create a master list of all of our S31-related content thus far, which you can listen to by clicking the links below.

Colin + Kos (1 hour 11 minutes in)
Dom + Jay Fischer (1 hour 37 minutes in)

Jim Rice (January 2012)
Stephen Fishbach (July 2012)
Spencer Bledsoe (June 2014)

The Reality of TV with Max Dawson (March 2013)
Breaking Bad S5 Part 1 Discussion with Stephen Fishbach (September 2012)
Breaking Bad Series in Review with Stephen Fishbach (October 2013)

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