Monday, June 22, 2015

The Genius: Season Two in Review (Part 2)

Anyong haseyo! After talking through Food Chain, Seat Exchange, and King Game in Part 1, we're back today to break down Blackout, Seven Commandments, and the immortal Monopoly Game in the second part of our Genius season two coverage, including a closer look at the two biggest controversies in the franchise's history, complete with a Genius-caliber twist ending. As always, you can listen on the player below, find the direct link here, or find us on iTunes here.


  1. Completely disagree with Yohwan being a better player than Jinho. I think you completely underrate Jinho's performance this season, and had his Deathmatch with Jiwon not come down to a 50/50 coinflip he could have given Sangmin a run for his money this season. That said, I still think Yohwan is a very good player, only including the first 2 seasons I would probably rank him 4th behind Sangmin, Jinho and Kyungran.

  2. I finished S2 few days ago and have spent a lot of time reading up on it now and now got to your S2 podcasts as well. I, as well as you guys, was very surprised to hear how Doo-hee elimination was such a huge controversy in Korea, as it seems some rather standard stuff for a western viewer like me. But after reading about it for several hours, it seems that yes it was very ugly according to their cultural and social standards. Perhaps comparable to like how public took like Colton or Will vs Shirin in Survivor, just nasty stuff. And the key seems to be in the broadcasters vs non broadcasters fact as the main cultural soft spot, perhaps comparable to cultural soft spots American television would have for something like racism, just really frowned upon stuff. Like imagine if in US show all the white people would make an alliance vs everyone else, maybe smth like that.

  3. A bit random (but since you mention it so much): I just want to say Jiwon is entirely aware of the words on his shirt, having grown up in Hawaii (where he proceeded to drop out of all the schools he got into or something). There's also an infamous music stage in which he shouted obscene English words on Korean national television just to troll the audience. I'm not sure if I can post a link, but if you search "Sechs Kies Chivalry" on YouTube and click on the MBCkpop result, you can distinctly hear him trolling the entire country.