Saturday, December 12, 2015

Survivor 31: Strong Takes -- Episode 13 Recap/Analysis with Haley Strong

With only one jam-packed episode left, things appear to just be getting started on Survivor: "We"-demption Island. On today's podcast, RHAP Bach'-caster Haley Strong fills in for Dom to break down how the field is shaping up entering the finale, how each player might go on to win (and/or lose), and which fast food establishments are the most elite. Plus, Colin tells the full, self-congratulatory version of how Spencer memorized the immunity puzzle on the player below, here, or on iTunes here.

(music: Kanye West)

Episode 13 with Haley Strong
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  1. According to edgic Jeremy's edit was really good in SJDS. His edit was: CPP4 CP4 CP4 CP4 CP3 CP3 CP4 MOR3 CPP5. He had almost only complex personality edits but most had a neutral tone.

    This edit has more MOR but much positive content.

    That being said Jeremy's edit SJDS was worse than this season.

    Interesting side note is that Jeremy's edit was better than Spencer in S28 for the first 9 episodes Spencer was a MOR neutral. He did however have a much more positive post merge.

    Also finding idols makes you look like you have a winner edit. Similar thing happened to Jon Mish. (Although Jeremy's edit this season is much better)

    Basically I want to be the one person who is here to call the Spencer win before it happens.


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