Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Survivor 32: Buffs, Beats, and Variance -- Episode 5 Recap/Analysis

Drop your buffs and pick up your oven mitts because this week the takes are coming in hot enough to medevac Caleb. Now that we've swapped, how should each group be trying to set themselves up for the merge, and who's looking like they've already punched their ticket?  How bad is drawing the red buff, and what's production's limit on twist improvisation? Was there anything Anna could have done to save herself, or was it #justbadluck? And might Nick be the new Eliza? All that and more below, here, or on iTunes here.

Episode 5
Episode 4
Episode 3
Episode 2 with Taran Armstrong
Episode 1
Season Preview

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  1. Enjoy your podcasts. I agree that the tribe swap twist itself was not an example of preferential treatment, but I wonder why the two of you seem to accept the necessity that the producers had to have an immunity challenge after Caleb's medevac rather than just have a tribe swap at that point (with an equal 7-7 split). Yes, they had already built the challenge set. And? They build challenge sets every few days, and then take them down. It seems to me that they wanted to run the challenge because (a) they knew Brawn would lose/throw the challenge and (b) Alecia would get eliminated, thus protecting Kyle's secret (his idol) and assisting the three Brawn members in successfully extending their time in the game. My suggestion is thus that preferential treatment was shown; but in this case not at the tribe swap, but before this: in the producers insistence that they have an immunity challenge after three players collapsed and one got medevaced. If the swap had occurred last week, with a 7-7 split, and 5 Beauty, 5 Brains and 4 Brawn, everything might have been different.


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