Sunday, November 27, 2016

Survivor 33: Between a Rock and a Hard Place -- Episodes 10 + 11 Recap/Analysis

This week the takes are hotter than microwaved mashed potatoes as we're back to give thanks for Wednesday's fantastic double episode. Is one of David or Zeke turning into the next Survivor kingpin, and if so, which one? Were the trust clusters right to stay rock solid or should anyone have thought about flipping?  After an heroic start to the season, has Ken been officially been sent to Winner Edit Exile? And honestly, what's even the point of life? All that and more below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. Nice podcast as always. I think that Colin is underrating Jay, even though the biggest strategic move he's made so far was clearly a mistake and had easily foreseeable consequences I still think he has talent for the game. He seems to be socially astute, perceptive and bold. He reminds me more of Petebro than Eddie Fox or Fabio.

    I do agree though that Zeke is excellent and could run a weaker cast, before David blew up his spot in the second episode. This has to be one of the strongest first time casts ever right ? Cagayan was strong but I feel this season is more competitive (although perhaps that speaks to Tony's genius).

    Also on the topic of animal symbolism that you were speaking about earlier what do you think about David comparing himself to a fruit bat, and the fact that bats are shown sporadically through the episode and in the extended intro before David's shown ?

  2. I agree with the good podcast quality this week. Was going to send in an e-mail but time got the best of me.

    When it comes to the rock draw, the most interesting part about it was that everyone had to UNANIMOUSLY agree after the second tie on who to vote out. Was that known to everyone before the second vote? I had no idea everyone had to agree after the second vote. That could make for some interesting strategy down the line, like if someone is not sure about their safety in an alliance, and that alliance is trying to force an idol play with a vote split, in the right situation they could possibly force a tie to have a member of their alliance go home just to cause chaos. It wouldn't be a smart move but it could happen.

    As for Adam's reward in the next episode, there are many ways I can see Adam getting that reward without using the advantage. He could win (obviously), he could tell everyone that he is going to steal the reward anyway, so they all might as well not compete they all agree to forfeit the reward in return for Adam giving up the advantage but Adam knowing that there is no way that can be enforced just takes the reward and doesn't give up the advantage, and the third being someone else wins, and takes him with them so that there is no risk of the reward being taken away from them. I wouldn't put it past Adam to maybe keep the advantage somehow.

    When it comes to the editing, I think the Michele winner edit last season really woke the show up to the fact that the fans are getting very savvy to things like the edit. They know that people are looking for it now, so they are doing some misleading things, like (possibly) the Ken edit, and all the stuff with Sunday wanting to vote out Jessica a week ago only for that not to mean anything. I hope this is the case, because a season where we cannot predict who will win is so much better. The edit is making this season so good that if it wasn't for the constant shoving of the theme down our throats this season would easily be in contention for a top 10 seasons of all time spot.


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