Monday, December 12, 2016

Survivor 33: Finale Preview

With two days left before the winner is crowned, we're back to decide which foxhole we want to die in as we vow to swallow a cyanide pill rather than admit defeat. Plus, is it fair to cast high schoolers to play against grown-ass (wo)men? Is Ken just Gabriel Cade fifteen years later? Is this the least predictable jury of all time? And who the hell's winning this thing? All that and more below, here, or on iTunes here.

(music: U2)


  1. On Hannah - I think everyone is putting way too much stock into the way her explanation for keeping David was edited. Based on secret scenes she's very much aware that David wins against everyone, but even in the episodes themselves I've never gotten the impression that she'd happily lose against him at the end? She specifically said last episode that she was terrified someone would goat their way into one of the spots she's been working hard for, and I can't imagine her being content just to make the end against someone she knows is unbeatable.

    I'm also not convinced that voting out Sunday was a bad move for her. Had she gone along with Adam's plan last episode and voted out David, what would happen if Jay was to win immunity at the F6? Is there any scenario in which Bret & Sunday don't vote with Jay for one of Adam/Hannah/Ken? Hannah specifically said in a secret scene that voting out David would piss off Ken, so rocks is probably best case scenario there, and she very likely would end up being the target in that situation because I don't think Bret & Sunday would be stupid enough to vote off Ken when he's the best shot they have to take down Jay in the next challenge, and Jay is downright determined to take Adam to the end now.

    As for who she thinks she can win against...I don't think it's unrealistic for her to think she could beat Bret, Ken and Adam? I genuinely do think she'd have a great shot in a F3 against Bret and Ken, and the only reason I'm not sure about Adam is because Jay will probably be his champion at Ponderosa when he gets there. Can't really criticize Hannah for that though, because she has nfi about Adam's mum and how much respect Jay has for him because of it. From her perspective Adam has very little chance at getting Michelle, Taylor or Zeke's votes, and they're pretty much even for all the rest (maybe Bret and Sunday are more pro-Hannah from their time at Ikabula).

    With all that said, go David!

  2. Didn't David refer himself to the upside down fruitbat? I find it interesting the next challenge involves a puzzle of a fruit bat hmm

  3. Thank GOD YOU GUYS WERE WRONG. A Ken victory would've been horrendous.


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