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Survivor 34: Season Preview -- Mana Tribe

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After inadvertently turning our cast preview into a double album, we're back today to draw more names from the hat plastic basin as we talk through the formidable Mana tribe. The particularly variance-averse can skip around to their favorites using the time chart below. Listen on the embedded player, here, or on iTunes here.

Game Changers as a theme - 7:30
Tony - 25:00
Caleb - 40:45
Troyzan - 49:15
Varner - 56:45
Michaela - 1:08:15
Ciera - 1:21:20
Aubry - 1:33:45
Malcolm - 1:44:45
Hali - 1:59:15
Sandra - 2:06:20

(music: David Bowie)

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  1. Some thoughts:

    "Why are Hali and Sierra back?"


    There's a RHAP from someone that does casting, and they mentioned that if you excel in at least one area of sex, humor, or conflict, you'll likely get a call. This is why Amber and Parvati, and even Kelley on Second Chance were given a shot. And, it's not just those two, it's a big reason why Michaela, Ciera, or even on the men's side Malcolm and Ozzy are given shots as well. And Ken and Taylor from last season. Or Joe from the couple seasons he was on.

    In addition to hitting the 3 big points, there's also diversity reqs they need to meet too, and in the case of returning seasons, trying to get some fan favorite recognizable names [Mike, Nat A, Tony, etc. who were all on Redmond's ballot]. Being a good player is a nice, but that alone won't get you a spot; as much as I love Tyler, it's unlikely we'll ever see him play again. Or Nick; Nick actually does fit Sex and Humor reqs though I think his only shot at coming back is if Michelle is involved and the Conflict potential is higher [similar to Sarah's casting this season (potential conflict with Tony)].

    Furthermore, because Hali and Sierra aren't dynamic confessionalists or players, it opens up more "confessional time" for the great narrators like the Varners and the Ciries, and with cutting to body shots of Hali or Sierra, TV-production-wise, nothing is lost. Or a shot of Malcolm or Ozzy's abs for the girls.

    - Going with early boots, people tend to get voted out in this spot because they're annoying. Although it happened with Darnell sort of, getting booted because you screwed up a challenge / are bad at challenges seems to be a more rare occurrance than talking yourself out of the game or something else.

    Though, being good at challenges can save you if there's a "tie" on whom to keep [i.e. keeping Peter vs Liz,h sorta with Russell vs Angie]. That being said: if the swap is at 18, is anyone seriously going to care about "needing to keep the tribe strong" early on? I really don't see it from anyone there. As for people most likely to annoy themselves out the door, I'd put:

    - Varner [Hali mentioned not liking that he swore so much]
    - Debbie [by things outlined in the RHAP guest-thing where Shannon talked about her good and bad points. However, the big thing here is that Brad, a "red flag" player for her, really wants to work with her.]
    - Tony (Sierra mentioned had annoyed her by scaring her in the bushes at Ponderosa in her 1st vote thing)

    as the people most likely to annoy themselves out of the game in those first couple votes. Though, it'll be an international day of mourning the day Tony goes home.

    - on Michaela, she definitely has things about her game she needs to correct. She stood out way too much in challenges, and spooked Jay with the 3 seashells thing. Aras, Malcolm, and Yul have all admitted to sandbagging on RHAP, and that's something she definitely should do. Also, judging from how some of the Mils have spoken about her, I'm not sure how good she is at fostering relationships; she apparently was a target early on [I don't buy the "players were unconsciously racist" argument: convo for another day] and also seemed a fringe ally to every player out there at best. If she can have working partnerships with more players & possibly in good with a couple, sandbag at challenges, and save her temper for confessionals, she should do a lot better. Which, yeah, I agree it looks like she'll have at least a "DVD cover" worthy season (poor Zeke on the otherhand...).



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