Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Genius: Season Three in Review (Part 3)

After discussing the first seven episodes of The Genius: Black Garnet here and here, we're back to break down Investment and Donation, Middle Race 2, and Chain Auction, all while vying to be the most miserly. Truncate the decimals to make a perfect 10 when you listen below, here, or on iTunes here.

SPOILER ALERTEvents from the beginning of TG1 through the end of TG3 are talked about openly. Nothing from TG4 other than the cast.

Watch the Monorail bonus match here.
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  1. What is this Facebook group you mentioned?


  2. @1:01 They do do birthdays differently. You're 1 when you're born and gain another year on New Year's Day.

  3. In Korea birthdays are done differently. When someone is born, they're already considered one year old. Also, on January first of every year, everyone collectively turns one year older. This means that at any given point, someone can be 1-2 years older in Korean age in comparison to their "western age". So Hyunmin was 18 when he played in The Genius the first time. Also another thing that has sort of different in Korean is the word friend. It can mean someone you are friends with, but it also refers to someone who's the same age as you. So like in the beginning of certain seasons, you see people talking about being "friends", so they're referring to being the same age, and not necessarily friends. In a secret scene, Dongmin finds out the dealer is the same age as him, and that's why he starts calling her "friend" all the time. You don't have to speak formally to people who are born in the same year are you with some exceptions including for those born earlier in the year sometimes (the way age is calculated also is way of keeping everyone born in the same year the same age) so age is a pretty inportant thing in SK.

  4. Hyunmin is absolutely disgusting in all maths and escape room type games. "Code" was a bloody massacre.


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