Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Survivor 35: Episodes 10 & 11 Recap/Analysis

The round table has collapsed, JP and the other guy are gone, and the edit zone is leaking again. We cover an action-packed double bill of Survivor in our latest episode available below, here, or on iTunes here.


  1. I think Devon made a mistake by letting ben be a spy cuz now ben has the options to give mis information to devons side or keep information only to himself plus now ben will get the credit for this move

    1. Sure, if Ben wanted to do that, but they had no reason to think he did, and, more importantly, there was no strategic benefit for Ben to do so. The deception is over now, Ben voted with his true alliance and OPENLY CELEBRATED when Joe got voted out. Chrissy noticed. And "credit" is useless if you aren't in the final three. Devon has basically just made Ben look like a huge snake to his former alliance, which could help or hurt Ben in front of a final jury, but if he uses this sentiment to put a bigger target on Ben's back, he can get rid of Ben and then take credit at final tribal with none of the blood on his hands.

  2. LOL @ Dom taking umbrage at me calling him out for e-mail slacking -- I thought I was just piggybacking off Colin calling him out for the same thing last week? And if my man DOES read e-mails, why does he keep insisting that the Devon train started in the past few weeks/"last episode"?? This has been a point of discussion since Week 5/6! ;)

    Anyway, I feel privileged as always for my name even gracing y'all's lips, but you did skip over a crucial point on Ben's "hero's edit," which is that there's no way we'd be hearing half of the cast agreeing that he'll be a slam-dunk win in the finals if he does in fact win, because the producers don't want to spoil the ending to such a degree (we MIGHT have heard some "he's a big threats", but we're literally being told over and over again that "he will win if he makes it to the finals"). Like I've been saying since Week 5, Ben is the Hero (not in the tribal sense) that the audience is supposed to be rooting for, but with enough TOO-good qualifiers and 1-2 bad looks (e.g. steamrolling) that the audience will understand when he doesn't win (see: Kelley W, David W, Jeremy 1.0, etc etc).

    It's also been driving me crazy to hear seemingly every podcaster interpreting Devon's "negative tone" across this episode as such a problem for his winner's chances; 1) it wasn't THAT negative, and 2) surely it should be fairly obvious at this point that the winner is just as often NOT the "most likable"/"fan favorite" character (unless it just happens to work out that way, e.g. Mike/Jeremy/Adam -- but it's not like the producers were going out of their way to make the audience be head over heels in love with Michele, Sarah, Tony, etc compared to some of the other characters on their seasons). It's far more important to the producers that the audience appreciate the winner's game than want to be best friends with him/her.

    But as always, a true pleasure to listen to you both, and can't wait to be eating crow for the rest of Survivor's run if/when Devon loses. ;)

    P.S. Pretty sure there are 2 more episodes before the finale ..... (dot dot hmm?)


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