Thursday, November 17, 2011

Schedule Update

We're recording tomorrow afternoon (EST), so the new episode should be up shortly thereafter. Hopefully I can keep my mouth shut from time to time this week. If anyone has any questions for us, topics they want brought up, or anything else that you want to hear on the show, leave those questions in the comments section under this post and we'll be sure to get to them.

This week we'll be covering the episode that aired last night and talking about things that could have and maybe should have happened at F9. Then we'll be getting into an in-depth look at famous flips throughout Survivor history, evaluating each situation and ultimately coming to a final answer about Cochran's flip at F12. During the week of the recap episode, we'll be going over notable/intersting previous F7 situations, as it's generally one of the most interesting spots in each season. Hopefully this is the kind of stuff that you guys would enjoy, and thanks for listening.

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