Saturday, November 12, 2011

Survivor 23: Post-Merge Analysis

In the the first episode of the 2+2 thread-inspired podcast, Dom (SavageTilt) and I, Colin (cstone), go over the current state of affairs on Survivor: South Pacific, player by player.  After that, we discuss what we think will happen in the game going forward.

We hope you can forgive some of the interruptions or dead spots, as this was the first time using the recording software as well as literally the first time we've ever spoken to each other in person.

This episode of the maybe-soon-to-be-named podcast can be downloaded HERE and HERE.  We hope to be able to stream the podcast on the homepage in the future, and apparently it's really easy to put a podcast on iTunes, so hopefully we can make that happen as well.


  1. I'm posting here since I dont have a +2 account.

    Good first podcast. Thanks for all your effort. It would have been more interesting if you didnt agree so much and if u both werent such Coach cheerleaders (just a personal peeve, sorry). Hope Colin wont exclaim and interrupt Dom so much in the future since it's only the two of you so it's not like either would be shortchanged for time.

    My favorite parts were going over the history of flippers in an ordered fashion and the de-evolution of Ozzy as a Survivor player. Thanks again.

  2. @seton--

    After listening back to the episode ourselves, Dom and I both had the same response as you, both about my spastic interruptions and our general tendency to agree too much.

    We hope in the future to have other people come on the show as guests, which will ideally help bring up opposite sides of arguments when Dom and I see eye to eye.

    Thanks so much for the feedback and we hope you keep listening.


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